Experience an iconic Mediterranean Dining & Lounging ambiance in the heart of Hove

Dining & Lounge

On a summer’s evening watch as the sun gets over the sky, with a kitchen headed by renowned Chefs bringing years of culinary experience from prestigious kitchens.

Mediterranean Flavours

Persia hove brings sophisticated taste and contemporary dishes from the Persian gulf, which stretches from the Mediterranean to the black see. Our spices and herbs are meticulously sourced to ensure the finest expression of Mediterranean Flavour

Redemption Bar

At Persia Hove – we have brought not only the finest Mediterranean cuisine to complement and prepare the pallet for our eastern spread, and bedazzle too. Working with the best-in-class connoisseurs in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic category, the team have developed a Redemption menu to inspire.

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“Check interior with an amazing ambience and location”